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Stress is everywhere these days. We feel it when we wake up, when things happen during the day, and we even take it to bed with us.

It’s chronic. And it’s not awesome for your health.

When we’re stressed our body reacts in a couple of ways, one is by releasing the stress hormone cortisol.

And you can imagine that there are natural ways you can lower it.

So check out my list of recommendations to reduce cortisol. You’ve got this!

Cheat Sheet

  1. Food
    1. Control Sugar Consumption
    2. Reduce Caffeine
    3. Stay Hydrated
    4. Nutrient Dense Food
    5. Tea and Dark Chocolate
  2. Nutrients
    1. Remember Pre and Probiotics
    2. Adaptogens
  3. Lifestyle
    1. Mindfulness
    2. Breathing
    3. Exercise at Right Levels
    4. Get Enough Sleep
    5. Rest and Have Fun
    6. Develop and Maintain Relationships and Support System

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