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For Healthy Thyroid Function

Iodine is a mineral that is found in the body, as well as in foods like iodized salt, seafood, kelp and dairy products. The body uses it for the normal metabolism of cells, for normal thyroid function and for the production of thyroid hormones. Symptoms of iodine deficiency include goiter, hypothyroidism and pregnancy-related problems.

Douglas Laboratories offers a natural supplement called ThyroMend that supports healthy thyroid function.

Product Information

  • A hormone-specific formulation of iodine
  • Contains seaweed, herbs and other ingredients
  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Formulated by Dr. Joseph J. Collins
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • Made in the USA

This supplement is free of yeast, wheat, gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, and artificial colors, preservatives and flavors.

If you’re looking for a natural supplement that supports healthy thyroid function, check into Douglas Laboratories’ ThyroMend. Order yours today!

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Hormone Specific™ Formulation

ThyroMend is a synergistic combination of iodine containing seaweeds, and herbs which contain phytothyroidogenic, phyto-thyroid-receptor agonists, and other herbs designed to promote optimal function of thyroid hormones by maintaining the health of the thyroid gland and supporting the healthy function of tissues that respond to thyroid hormones. This unique combination of seaweeds and herbs synergistically supports the SEVEN KEY FUNCTIONS associated with OPTIMAL THYROID HEALTH, due to its ability to:

  1. increase bio-available iodine for thyrocytes
  2. increase iodine uptake by thyrocytes by their sodium-iodide-symporter (NIS) proteins
  3. increase T3 & T4 production and secretion from thyrocytes
  4. increase conversion of thyroxine (T4) to the more bioactive triiodothyronine (T3) by liver cells;
  5. increase RXR/TR heterodimerization of thyroid receptors on target cells throughout the body
  6. increase binding of thyroid hormone receptors to DNA by RXR/TR heterodimers throughout the body
  7. increase the affect of T3 on target gene expression within receptor cells throughout the body.

Used to manage Hypothyroidism & Low Thyroid Function as well as Weight Gain.

Print a PDF copy of the ThyroMend™ Professional Guide.

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Additional Information: Product Data Sheet


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