TestoQuench for Women by Douglas Labs


The right testosterone are levels are important for women too.

Certain parts of your body are sensitive to testosterone, including your hair, skin, breasts, genitals and even your heart. This herbal supplement helps restore healthy androgen functions.

Douglas Labs developed a version of TestoQuench specifically for women who want a better balance of hormones. The combination of anti-androgens and androgen antagonists mimic the actions of testosterone, and were specifically formulated for the female body.

Benefits of TestoQuench for Women include:

  • Promote normal, healthy androgen functions
  • Support healthy blood lipid levels
  • Normalize functions of testosterone-sensitive tissues
  • Support healthy brain function including memory and mood

You may also notice a better mood and feel more balanced emotionally thanks to this unique product. Using this supplement can improve your mood and cause you to feel more at peace. You may even see improvements in your memory and drive.


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Hormone Specific™ Formulation

A Hormone Specific™ Formulation of anti-androgens and androgen antagonists. This combination is designed to support the healthy function of skin, hair, heart, breasts, vagina and other testosterone sensitive tissues in women.

Used to manage MenopausePMS, PMDDPCOS, PCO-like Syndrome and excessive testosterone in women.

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Additional Information: Product Data Sheet


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