Women’s Online Weight Loss Coaching Program Plus

$89.00 / month for 12 months and a $97.00 sign-up fee

Sustainable, doable weight loss geared to midlife women! This amazing coaching program was created so we can coach small groups of women personally (men can join too so you can do it with your partner). The success of this program really is unparalleled. Over the course of 12 months together, we help busy active women get in the best health and shape of their lives in a long-term sustainable way.

Get off the yo-yo dieting roller coaster for good, regain your energy and reclaim an active and vibrant lifestyle!

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Women’s Online Coaching Program

By Your Vimergii Wellness Team

Led by Master Transformational Coaches and Functional Medicine Nutritionists Specializing in Weight Loss, Energy, Mood and Hormone Balance

Get happy, hot and healthy for life. Guiding and empowering you to meet your health goals, get the body and energy you need to live the life you and your family deserve, and say goodbye to the cycle of deprivation, dieting, and will-power testing stress.

Sustainable transformational change without the constant struggle, disappointment, and guilt. Our program is back by popular demand and we are once again accepting a small group of new coaching clients. Are you one of them? Do you who want to break your obsessive focus on eating and exercise and let us teach you in incremental strategic steps how to live and eat well regardless of how packed and busy your professional and personal life is today.

This coaching is for YOU if you:

  • Are you tired of weight loss programs, pills, and gimmicks that don’t work?
  • Are a serial dieter and want to stop defining your relationship with food by deprivation
  • Struggle with low energy levels or regularly feel sleep-deprived (even after a full night’s sleep)
  • Find yourself gaining weight easily
  • Find it hard to lose weight even when you are doing “all the right things”
  • Experience raging hormones bouncing between extremes
  • Feel your digestion out-of-sorts
  • Feel your mood flucuating from extremes with heavy doses of “brain fog” thrown into the mix for not so good measure
  • Find that the advice you are given or read online is confusing; inappropriate for you and your lifestyle, or demands unrealistic commitment and discipline
  • Want the transformation and support but not the rah-rah or woo-woo approach that some programs offer
  • Are ready to feel alive again like you used to before the demands of life got in the way
  • Are ready to kick the “extra-baggage” blues to the curb and welcome endless energy and happiness back into your life
  • Find it hard to manage taking care of yourself and maintaining all your professional and personal responsibilities
  • Are looking for a program with sustainable results so you can get off this crazy yo-yo dieting roller coaster

You’ll learn how to:

  • Eat the food you love without guilt or shame.
  • Get fit and active, regardless of where your fitness level is today.
  • Ditch the food “rules” so you can eat nourishing food you love without feeling deprived.
  • Build habit based changes that result in a lasting transformation.
  • Make sense of all the conflicting advice and fad diets out there.
  • Build fitness and healthy lifestyle habits into your life in a way that doesn’t mean dropping everything else that’s important to you.
  • Achieve and maintain your goals regardless of how crazy life can get. And we all know, it does!

At the end of the year you’ll:

  • Lose the resistant weight/fat you’ve been battling, maybe for years.
  • Build strength, flexibility, tone and overall fitness.
  • Love the skin you’re in!
  • Get off diet rollercoasters, once and for all, never look back.
  • Find clarity around food so you can eat in a nourishing way that gives you the energy and vitality for what’s most important
  • Gain confidence and enthusiasm to go after your other big life goals because we all know, when you look and feel great, life just gets bigger and better.