Coach-Led Gut Health and Repair


Balance your gut and you balance your life. It’s that true and effective. Get the support you need and deserve and feel and look better fast.


An 8-week gut rebuilding program that incorporates holistic health practices grounded in science-backed functional medicine that incorporates mind and body to help you look and feel great, improve your gut microbiome (the newest frontier is energy and vitality), and rock your natural health from your cells to your soul.

Because when we look and feel great, life is just good. This program is packed with everything you need to restore your gut health and regain your radiant, balanced and beautiful. Sign up today!

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It’s all about your gut.

All of This Plus 3 Coaching Sessions with Master Health Coach, Denise Trudeau!

You know it. We know it. Hippocrates knew it too.

The gut is a HUGE part of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and it gets ignored WAY too often.

From bananas to bifidobacteria, your well-being depends on the health of your gut. It’s time to bring it front and center and find the ease you deserve for glowing health and happiness.

Introducing one of our signature programs created to help you restore your core: Digestive Wellness because when our gut isn’t healthy, it can’t feed all of the other systems that support our radiant, balanced and beautiful.

What’s included?

Look at what's included in this amazing gut repair program

All about Gut Health
– Daily Schedule
– Kitchen Facelift
– Understanding Food Allergies and Reducing Toxicity
– Probiotics + Gut Healing Foods

Understanding Your Body and What To Eat
– Food Combining and Alkalinity
– Healthy Poop (So Important!)
– Liver Supporting Foods
– Curbing Sugar Cravings

The Mind/Body Connecting and Overcoming Gut Health Roadblocks
– Movement, Breathing and Other Health Hacks
– Bacterial Overgrowth and Candida
– Autoimmune Disease and Hormonal Imbalances

Gut Healthy Lifestyle and Putting It All Together
– Healthy Snacking
– Healthy Eating On A Budget
– Suggested Healthy Meal Prepping
– Traveling Healthy Tips for Optimal Gut Health

All of This and More!

Tools Included:
Meal Plans
Shopping Lists
Food Diary

Great Digestion, Good Sleep and Golden Milk
How To Face Your Fears and “Digest” Life (We’re Queens After All!)
The Power of Health Through Your Crockpot
Removing Phytic Acid and How It Benefits Your Gut
The Queens Guide to Amazing Self-Care and Good Gut Health
The Benefits of Alkalizing for A Healthy Gut
The Benefits of Coconut Oil and Healthy Digestion
And More!

All of This Plus 3 Coaching Sessions with Master Transformation Coach, Denise Trudeau!

Denise Trudeau, FDN-P, FMP, CEPC

Sign-up today and start feeling like a million bucks again! SALE THROUGH 5/31/19