7 Weeks To Sobriety

$1,500.00 / month for 3 months and a $500.00 sign-up fee

Did you know the cost of an inpatient detox and sobriety program ranges from $18k to upwards of $100k? And their success rate is only around 20% after 2 years of getting sober (AA, really a support group not treatment program, has only a 10% success rate for sobriety 2 years out).

If you could write me a check for only $5,000 and follow a meal plan, supplement protocol, and lifestyle changes for seven weeks and be able to comfortably walk away from alcohol for the rest of your life, WOULD YOU DO IT?

If you answered yes, this program is for you. And the good news, it’s significantly less than alternative programs producing far less stellar success rates.

Most people who successfully stop drinking and/or using drugs continue to experience cravings, anxiety, depression, mood swings, poor health, and other chemically induced symptoms that wreak havoc with maintaining sobriety.

When we fix the biochemical deficiencies, we reduce the need or urge to drink. When we quiet that urge, everything is much more manageable and success is within our reach.

What kind of life will you lead when alcohol no longer has a hold on your mind and body?

Don’t wait any longer. Sign up today and get moving towards your best self: clean, healthy and happy.

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Fight Alcoholism By Restoring Your Body’s

Biochemical Imbalances and Nutritional Deficiencies 

Alcohol addiction can develop out of physical conditions such as chemical imbalances, allergies and nutrient deficiencies. By addressing the physical causes, we can put an end to cravings, anxiety, depression and emotional distress while restoring optimum health — often without the use of psychiatric drugs. When this happens, the likelihood of success in getting and maintaining sobriety dramatically increases.

The 7 Weeks to Sobriety – Freedom Formula for Alcohol Addiction program is based on the revolutionary holistic nutrition program by Joan Matthews at the Health Recovery Center in Minnesota. Her remarkable program has a success rate three times higher than traditional treatment programs. We’ve adopted her protocols and program and offer it nationwide through an online/virtual format with similar success rates.

I know this program works because I used it myself to heal my own addiction to alcohol almost six years ago. Today I am alcohol free, without the cravings, anxiety, brain fog, and mood swings that ruled my life for over two decades! And I NEVER relapsed. This program works and I love sharing the solution with others just like me.

Here’s the bottom line. Most people who successfully stop drinking continue to experience poor health, cravings, depression, anxiety, mood swings and other chemically induced symptoms that play havoc with maintaining sobriety. When this occurs it makes it extremely difficult to stay sober. When we feel better (at least part of the times) when we are drinking, the draw back to the alcohol can be unbearable. This is why we fail. It is not our fault. It is not because we have a character defect. It is not because we have no will-power.

Alcohol addiction can be a lifelong battle due to the failure to address the physical effects and nutritional deficiencies caused by addiction. Fortunately there is a proven integrative holistic solution that works to resolve the root causes of addiction caused by biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

This program takes a different approach than the traditional “talk” therapy and 12 step programs. For some those programs work and help the individual find sobriety. But for many that is not the case.

Because psychotherapy and 12 step programs fail for so many of us, it is time to take a different approach. This program looks at the addiction from a physical perspective working on addressing  the underlying biochemical causes that drive a person to drink.

While AA or talk therapy is NOT a part of this program, we realize that for some, a 12 step program is all they need to find and maintain sobriety. For others, a biochemical approach like ours works alone. And for the rest, they find a 12 step program and this program to be the right fit for them. All three are good approaches, you just need to figure out what YOU need to find success.

But one thing we know for sure, if you address the biochemical causes that cause you to drink along with resolving the nutritional deficiencies that come from years of abuse due to poor nutrition and lifestyle habits associated with using drugs and alcohol you can find a peaceful recovery. When we resolve those deficiencies, the cravings disappear, the debilitating mood lifts, and we start to feel better. Better enough to work on changing how we think, eat, move and supplement so we can stay off alcohol or drugs.

Here’s the thing. Almost everyone can GET sober. The problem is we can’t STAY sober. The reason is we FEEL better when we are drinking or using. And for 80% of us, until we FEEL better, alcohol or drugs wins the battle and we go back, regardless of how badly we don’t want to.

And for those of us who have spent time in the rooms, being a “dry drunk” DOES NOT WORK.

But this program does work. Are you ready to reshape your life? To create the life you dream about? Are you ready to honor your word to your family, friends, work? This TIME IT REALLY CAN BE DIFFERENT.

We will show you how.

Alcoholism is a physical disease. We work to address your body’s addictive chemistry through nutrition (and lots of supplements) so you can begin the path to full recovery. In this program you learn to:

  • Break your addiction with minimal discomfort
  • Replace key natural chemicals without drugs to eliminate such alcohol-induced symptoms as brain fog, anxiety, depression, cravings and unstable emotions
  • Understand the links between alcoholism and hypoglycemia, food allergies and chemical sensitivities

You’ll also receive

  • Assessment to determine your alcohol addiction type
  • A comprehensive Detox Supplement Program for ending cravings and reversing the damage done to your body
  • A 60 day supply of supplements based on your personalized needs
  • Receive an Individualized Diet to help you lose weight and never go hungry
  • Breakthrough formulas for dealing with depression, insomnia, memory loss, tobacco addiction, candida and sugar addictions and more
  • Lifestyle recommendations to support your sobriety including, hydration, sleep, stress management, support
  • Recommendations for further lab testing to support your abstinence (lab fees not included)

This is a comprehensive program that gets to the root cause of alcoholism and gives you a proven plan, supplements and support required to combat and overcome your addiction forever.