VIMergii is a comprehensive Functional Medicine practice, offering diagnostic testing, customized wellness programs, and stress and mind-body psychology coaching, with an emphasis on educating our client so she can take personal responsibility for sustaining her own self-care.

Laboratory Testing & Assessments

Wellness & Balancing Programs

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Mind-Body, Stress & Lifestyle Coaching

We’re the health detectives our clients have always needed, and we show you how to be your own detective, ask your own questions, listen to your own body, and champion your own course.

But we take it a step further. Because we understand that knowing what you should do and actually doing it can be two different things. We also know that how you deal with stress and how you relate to food and your body image are often the things that keep you stuck.  And that’s where other programs miss the mark by glossing over or even skipping the matter altogether.

Together we’ll break through the overload, overwhelm and overeating and identify what’s really driving your hunger. We’ll help you create a path to feed and nourish yourself in ways that are so much more satisfying than food and create habits that are sustainable and last and that you are motivated to continue long after our work together is done. 

When you discover how to take the power away from food, the struggle dissolves. We know. Overeating, binge and emotional eating are common traps for smart, busy high-performing women. If you are smart and successful and yet still find yourself struggling with overeating or emotional eating, you don’t lack willpower. You aren’t lazy. And you most decidedly are not alone. When you learn to make peace with food, your unwanted symptoms (like weight, mood, hormonal imbalance, emotional and binge eating, and overwhelm) dissolve.

Are you sick and tired of the constant yo-yo craziness of dieting and health programs and are you ready to get on a path that really works? One that gets you out of the vicious cycle with food, hormones, weight, dieting and all the stress and heartache that that entails. You can finally find success. Peace. And joy.

Complicated lives require customized solutions – NOT more willpower or the latest and greatest diet. Tap into the wisdom of your body, transform your relationship with foodtrust yourself instead of the latest diet or health fad, detox your mind and body, and restore hormonal balance to your life, so you not only look good but you feel great too.

We believe in managing wellness from a holistic, natural perspectiveRestoring balance in the least harmful ways possible. When you balance your hormones, rejuvenate and rebuild through sleep and diet, reframe your thinking about aging and health, embrace movement and activity, put pleasure and purpose back in its rightful place of importance, and release the expectations that have kept you in a pattern of unhealthy striving for so long, you can move through your life with a greater sense of poise, purpose and grace.

We use Functional Medicine to assess your different body systems to find areas that aren’t working optimally and then we design specific protocols to provide lifestyle-based changes that will get your body functioning at its highest level once again. These are new solutions to old problems because let’s face it, what we’ve been doing is just NOT working, at least not in any lasting way.


3 Body Systems Venn Diagram

As your Nutritional Psychology Coaches, we will help guide you to a more loving relationship with food, your body, and your life.

Together, through a blend of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition, we will go beyond symptoms and explore the personal dimensions in life that are impacting your weight, mood, hormones and health.

Our coaching strategies and nutrition principles are nourishing, manageable, and yield sustainable results for your most common health challenges, such as:  weight, body image, overeating and binge eating, digestive health, hormone balance, energy and fatigue, mood concerns, and more.

Transformational Coaching Venn Diagram

The sweet spot for us, lies at the intersection of all three body systems and transformational coaching. When your body is working well and your mind and spirit are fully engaged, you thrive. Let’s briefly explore the three body systems and what you can do to restore your health and vitality. Then we’ll look more into transformational coaching and how it can help you reach your goals and live your life’s dream.



Identify the Problem Using Diagnostic Testing



Create a plan to rebalance, restore and rejuvenate



Reframe How We Think, Eat, Move, Supplement, Rest & DeStress



Make peace with food and body. Create positive & pleasurable lifestyle changes.

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