Are you ready for another quick and easy stress buster? Today we’re going to brew a cup of tea. If that’s not your “cup of tea” (pun intended), keep reading. I have some tweaks and suggestions for you to make it work.

The Tea Tradition

There is a long tradition of making and drinking tea across most of the globe. It’s a beloved beverage and often accompanied by a ritual or routine. Combined they work as a relaxing break that will reduce stress and gives you time to breath, think, and even meditate if you choose.

It starts with boiling the water and setting out your favorite cup. Pick your tea – more on that in a bit – and set to making yourself a nice cup of tea. Carry it to a comfortable spot, sit down, and enjoy the warmth of the cup in your hand. Inhale the fragrant aroma, letting all the tension and anxiety leave your body. Live in the moment and take that first sip. Take your time as you empty your cup, sip by sip, melting the stress away.

Create Your Own Ritual

Turn it into your very own ritual. Maybe you add a cookie to your tea for a little mid-day treat. Or pick up a favorite book or magazine and spend a few minutes reading and browsing while you enjoy your cup. It’s all about relaxation and “me time”.

What do you do if you’re not a tea drinker? My first suggestion would be to try some different teas. There’s something out there for just about anyone. You have plenty of choices between all the various black teas, green teas, and herbal teas.

Of course having another beverage of choice is also an option. Brew yourself a good cup of coffee, make a cappuccino, or indulge in a cup of real hot chocolate. With a little trial and error you’ll find the right drink for your very own stress-busting ritual.

Make It A Priority

One word of warning; when things get busy and we really start to stress out, it’s easy to let this simple little ritual slip by. Yet, that’s the time when you need it the most. Make it a priority. Not only will it make you feel better but you’ll come back refreshed and able to solve problems easier and become more productive because of your little tea break. In the end, taking a little time for yourself – even if it’s just to make and enjoy a cup of tea – will make you better at what you do. Try it and see for yourself.

Be Prepared

One last tip before we wrap up for today. Keep everything for your tea ritual close buy. Have a nice tea cup and some tea in your desk at work, in the cupboard at home, and take it with you when you travel. Don’t ever be caught without everything you need to make this happen.

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