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We Are Fortunate To Work With Amazing Women From Around The World

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“The term ‘working mom’ does not imply how exhausting my days have become. Sure, I have it all; a great job, great kids, and a great spouse, but juggling it all is no small daily feat. Something had to give before I burnt out. I began researching mindful eating and mood balancing programs which is what led me to Vimergii. My goal was to make small changes that would produce big results and I could not be happier with my decision to participate in the most recent group program. Being with a group has kept me on track and able to prioritize my busy life in a manner that increases my own happiness and not just the happiness of my kids and husband. I guess it is true – when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy!”

Tracy F., 32

Director of Operations, Iowa

Before working with Vimergii I thought I was a hopeless case. I was tired, stressed out, overweight and had just given up.   They taught me that with the right information I could take charge of my health and I have!  Never better!

Tina K., 45

Small Business Owner, Austin, TX


“It was always the same grind: hit the snooze three times before finally getting out of bed, skip breakfast in favor of a giant sugared caffeine drink, and almost fall asleep at my desk by 2PM. Then, I discovered Vimergii Wellness’ Hormones and Healthy Habits program while searching online and made a 360 degree life change. By transforming my relationship with food and really dealing with longstanding negative body image issues, I don’t feel sluggish and empty. From kicking my diet soda habit to bringing my lunch every day to work, I have made simple changes in my day-to-day life that have resulted in a far more positive outlook. No longer do I let my alarm clock bully me!”


Susan P., 40

Marketing Assistant, Sunnyvale, CA

Thanks Denise and Sondra.  I spent years trying to get healthy but was getting worse every year.  You used functional nutrition to do the detective work to identify the underlying causes of my disease instead of  just treating  my symptoms. For the first time in over a decade I feel like I’m in charge of my health and I’m loving it.

Carol T., 48

School Administrator, Gilroy, CA

“I would like to comment on your coaching: I have tried many different therapies and approaches in order to deal with the challenge of being overweight (obese is the right word, actually), trying to lose weight and suffering from the truly damaging consequences of rejecting my own body. Each of the strategies yielded some results, they contributed to me having a better understanding of myself in general and feeling better about myself.

BUT none of them every dealt directly with the issue I needed focus on: my eating, my weight, how lousy I feel about my eating, my weight, my body, how ashamed I felt and how I disowned my body, focusing totally in developing my mind, my insights, my understanding.

And then you came along. You help me focus on my eating in a way that enables me to look at it as whole process of being. And so when you task me to do things are journal about things I know for sure that the purpose of those tasks is to arrive at a better place than I have been before.

Your warmth, your appreciation of me as a person, your valuing of the work I do continuously reinforces that I can feel very OK about who I am, that my weight is simply part of me and does not overshadow my being all the time. While I know I will go through times when my eating and weight will be a major source of depression, I also know I can make contact with you and you will shine a ray of sunshine and hope onto it.

Thank you for the coaching and for being such a remarkable friend in the process.”


G Foost, 60

Consultant, S Africa

“Getting the baby weight off just never happened for me and my “baby” just graduated high school. I had been on a yo-yo diet roller coaster for over twenty years and had never discovered my perfect weight loss solution. Since working with Denise and Sondra at Vimergii Wellness, I’ve learned that it isn’t about weight loss, it’s about weight management and mindfulness. Now that my behaviors are changing and I see how to balance my eating with my daily activity level, I can control my cravings so much better. Oh, and, the amino acids are totally amazing. It’s like a flip got switched. My cravings no longer control me. Every aspect of my life feels more focused and vibrant now that I stopped feeding my emotions with food. I look great and feel great without any fad dieting!”

Tamara S., 50

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, New York

Seven years after getting sober I was still stressed out, exhausted, anxious and run down.  Seven weeks after my lab tests and receipt of my personal protocol I have a new lease on life.  I feel twenty years younger.  Thanks Vimergii, you guys are great!

Name Witheld

Senior Manager, Chicago, IL

“Menopause was brutal on my self-confidence which led to sexual frustration and discord between my husband and I. It had been a difficult five years until I started working with Denise and began to balance my hormone levels naturally. My doctor had prescribed a buffet of chemicals to balance my menopausal issues but nothing was working and most were producing unwanted side-effects. By taking some supplements, changing just a few lifestyle habits (like sleeping and de-stressing) and realigning my relationship with food, I no longer feel bloated, irritable or lack sexual desire. And my hot flashes and night sweats are no more. I feel like me again. My husband can’t believe the change in me!”


Jane B., 56

Homemaker, Seattle, WA

“Since being diagnosed two years ago, managing my diabetes has been a challenge. The entire concept of limiting my diet made me feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy my life. Vimergii as made all the difference in the world because now I can eat what I love and still manage my disease responsibly. I must admit that before starting this program I was known to ignore my restrictions and just eat any craving that took my fancy. Now I understand the psychology behind my decisions and it has helped me change my attitude toward wellness completely. Pleasurable exercise (or as Denise says, movement) and eating right have become as normal as breathing and much to my doctor’s delight, my meds have been reduced dramatically and my disease has shown no complications since!”

Catherine W., 38

Executive Vice President, San Jose, CA

I had tried every diet in the book only to lose a few pounds and gain back even more.  I’ve lost the weight along with the joint pain, swelling hands and feet, and depression.  I’m a new person.  Thanks Vimergii.

Name Witheld, 54

What a change! The lab tests helped to pinpoint the exact cause of my symptoms (I had over twenty nagging problems including joint pain, sleeplessness, exhaustion, mood swings, swelling in my hands and feet, tearing eyes, headaches, muscle pain, and anxiety.) All of these symptoms are gone and for the first time in my life I feel like I’m in control of my future.

Carol G., 47

Santa Clara, CA