Toxins can disrupt your metabolism, hormones or body processes & can leave you struggling to reach your weight loss goal.


These toxins called obesogens can disrupt your metabolism, hormones, or body processes and can leave you struggling to reach your weight loss goal.

Are Obesogens Keeping You From Losing Weight?

Losing weight certainly isn’t easy. It generally means modifying your diet, changing your eating behaviors, and becoming more active. But what if there was something else preventing you from losing weight? Something that you didn’t even realize?

With over 70 percent of our population labeled as overweight or obese, it reinforces that it isn’t just eating and exercise to blame for our growing waistlines. After all, if it were that simple, we’d all be thin and happy.

The reality is that our bodies are a complex series of systems that together determine our health and weight. One system in particular, our endocrine system, has a huge impact on both of these issues, and it is being threatened by something called obesogens.

Obesogens Defined

Obesogens are chemicals that disrupt your metabolism, hormones, or body processes. Essentially, they affect your endocrine system, which are the glands in your body that secrete hormones in an attempt to regulate body functions like sleep, energy, metabolism, appetite, mood, and sex drive. Even minute amounts have the ability to throw your system off, which can leave you struggling with reaching your weight loss goal regardless of how hard you try.

Obesogens Are Widespread

Part of what makes obesogens such a problem is the fact that they are everywhere in the world around you. They are on the foods you eat, in the containers that your food is stored in, and they are in the products that you use for personal hygiene or to clean your home. This makes them difficult to avoid, and it increases the likelihood that you’ll have contact with them without even knowing it.

Negative Effects of Obesogens

First and foremost, obesogens threaten your health in that they sometimes create the perfect environment for major diseases, such as cancer and insulin sensitivity or diabetes, to develop. This makes identifying and eliminating them necessary if you want to enjoy optimal wellness.

Obesogens also negatively impact your weight, making you want to eat more while lowering your metabolic rate at the same time. They cause you to have more and bigger fat cells which make it twice as hard to lose your excess weight—even if you’re doing the right things.

All of this together can make you both fat and sick. Maybe this sounds familiar to how you are feeling right now? Well, not any more.

Winning the War Against Obesogens

The best way to win the war against obesogens is to eliminate them from your diet and your environment. Therefore, here are some suggestions that will help you achieve that goal:

  • Eat organic foods and choose personal care products wisely. The fewer pesticides and chemicals you put in your body via the foods you eat, the better. So, choose foods that are organic and products that are green (like shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies, and makeup) whenever you can. They may cost a little more but the money you’ll save in medical expenses and plus sized clothing will more than make up for the slightly higher price.
  • Eat more fiber. The more waste your body eliminates, the more obesogens go with it. Therefore, increasing your fiber intake can help you remove these nasty chemicals from your body.
  • Flush out the toxins. Another way to flush out the toxins is by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Drink more water daily and you will get rid of toxins via your urine. You can also go to a sauna and sweat them out as well.
  • Detoxify your organs primarily responsible for eliminating obesogens. When it comes to getting obesogens out of your body, there are six organs that are key: your colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system. Therefore, you want to make sure they are all operating optimally, giving you the greatest health possible, and one way to do that is to take supplements that encourage detoxification.

As functional medicine practitioners and transformational health coaches, our goal is to help you live the best life possible, thereby increasing your health and wellness in ways you never dreamt possible. That is why we often offer free talks on obesogens and your weight, giving you the information and tools you need to live a longer, healthier, and thinner life! Watch for one coming soon!

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