Women often feel tired and run down when they are overweight or obese and they can find it difficult to perform simple, daily activities. Being overweight can also lead to a negative self image, a higher risk of developing diabetes and some cancers, gout, sleep apnea and an increased incidence rate of gallstones and gallbladder diseases.

As an all-around anti-health physical condition, being above your ideal weight is about as unhealthy a characteristic as you can have. (The American Heart Association says that being overweight can lead to a “higher than average risk” of at least 50 different health problems.)

As if all of the above problems were not reason enough to lose a few pounds and shrink your waist size … overweight women also tend to have weaker hearts.

Those extra pounds make your heart work harder. This is often because the excess food you ate to cause the weight gain often also elevates your cholesterol level, contributing to the level of unhealthy fats in your blood. Even when walking, your muscles must work harder if you weigh 160 pounds than if you weigh 140 pounds.

This extra work means your heart has to also work harder, to pump oxygen throughout your body. The Archives of Internal Medicine show that the connection between heart disease and being overweight is perfectly correlated.

Being only a few pounds overweight increases your risk of heart disease by 32%. If you are obese, you are a very scary 81% more likely to develop heart disease than if you reach and maintain an ideal body weight.

When we know better…we do better. What small changes can you make in your life to balance your weight and have a healthier heart?

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