Happy Hormones Program

An Exciting Hormone Balancing Program for Women

8 Week Jumpstart For Extraordinary Results

Balance Your Hormones, Lose Weight & Feel Great!

Transformational Hormone Balancing Program for Women

This is a transformational functional wellness program that has helped hundreds of midlife woman rediscover and reclaim what it feels like to look and feel RADIANT, BALANCED and BEAUTIFUL again.

This program is designed for both the perimenopausal and the menopausal woman. We’ve modified it for the special needs of each group of women!

And get ready to get your SEXY back because we do not have to leave our sexy at the door just because we’ve reached our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. If someone tells you otherwise (even if it’s your doctor), don’t you dare believe them. 

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?


It's Normal or It's Just My Age

You are beginning to think it’s “normal” or “a function of getting older” that you have all these annoying symptoms of peri/menopause like PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, dryness, lack of sexual interest…

Something's Not Right But Everything's Normal

You feel like something is not quite right but your doctor tells you all your blood work looks “normal”?

Sick And Tired Of Waking Up Feeling Like You Haven't Slept

You are sick and tired of waking up in the morning feeling like you haven’t even slept or worse yet, you’ve been hit by a Mack truck.

Exhausted But Can't Sleep

You are completely over feeling exhausted all day but still can’t get to sleep or stay asleep through the night.

Brain Fog City

Your brain fog leaves you working harder and longer to get less and less done. Or maybe you are contantly forgeting the little things no matter how “focused” you try to be.

Can't Lose Weight No Matter What You Do (Especially Around Your Mid-Section)

While it can definitely be more challenging to lose weight in our late 30s, 40s and beyond, it is NOT impossible. It just requires a different focus and new tools. You’ll get those in this program.

Irritable, Anxious, and/or Moody

There are many tips and tricks you’ll learn on how to balance and elevate your mood naturally. It’s not true that meds are the first and best solution here.

Why Was This Program Created?

I created this extraordinary program because I went through my own transformational process about eight years ago and it totally changed my life. I know it works and when I was looking for what I wanted to do after my corporate job, I knew I wanted to make the world of functional medicine available to all midlife women dealing with the same things I faced in my early forties. The symptoms we call The Bg Six: Stress, Weight, Mood, Energy, Digestion and Hormonal Imbalances.

Many of us deal with one or more of the Big Six. They are a function of our fast-paced lifestyle and responsibilities we carry as women caring for our families, our jobs, and our communities. But it doesn’t have to be that way and now there is an amazing solution that can take you from feeling fat, frazzled and frumpy to radiant, balanced and beautiful. You interested?

A Total Hormone Reboot You Can Do In 60 Days. How Cool Is That?

NOW YOU CAN GET THE LATEST COMPREHENSIVE DUTCH HORMONE TEST KIT AS PART OF YOUR PROGRAM. And what’s even better? For a limited time you can save $100 or more!

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Powerful Functional Nutrition Designed By & For Women

This program is based on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Dan Kalish and tested by the Mayo Clinic. It utilizes sound science and laboratory testing (from the convenience of your home). Led by practitioners who are women just like you who have not only dealt with and resolved their own hormone and health issues but are also expert transformational coaches. That is important because long-term sustainable change is not only about helping you know “WHAT TO DO” but also helping you know exactly “HOW TO DO IT.” Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll resolve more than just your hormone issues in this program! 

Confused About The Right Approach Or Health Advice For You?

We get it. One advisor says Paleo is the way to go, another says no, Keto all the way. And still another says hormones and vegan or raw food only. It’s confusing because we are all different and while there are many similarities, what is right for one is not necessarily right for another. It depends on so many factors including genetics, lifestyle, preferences, health status, goals, the list goes on. What’s even more interesting is what is right for YOU today may change over time.

We will work with you to guide you a transformational journey to find the right tools, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements that work for you (and those that won’t work for you too). Together we’ll create a customized research-based plan to restore your Radiant, Balanced, and Beautiful!

Are You Ready To Learn Why You Are Stressed Out, Fatigued, Can’t Sleep, Have Hormones That Have You On An Emotional Roller-Coaster, Why Your Metabolism Seems “Broken” And You Can’t Lose Weight Even When You Are Doing All The Right Things?

Well Then This Program Is For YOU!

It’s Time To Get Your GLOW ON!


End PMS, Hormonal Havoc, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Feeling Cold All the Time, Lack of Interest in Sex...

Hormonal havoc no more. Time to regain our equilibirum and turn back the years. Look and feel 10 years younger, many of our clients make those claims in a few short months.

Drop The Weight And The Belly Bloat

Don’t settle for the midlife spread. There’s a better solution for you.

More Energy Throughout The Day

Leap out of bed in the morning ready to tackle your day.

Drop the Anxiety and/or Depression (And Wild Mood Swings)

Most of us are not clinically depressed and do not need to be on anti-depressants or other psychotropic drugs to deal with anxiety and/or depression. Try a natural approach first and see if that resolves the issue before you put another band-aid on the problem instead of resolving the root cause – hormonal imbalance!

Have Improved Digestion

Don’t let poor digestion cramp your style for another day.

Improve Your Immune System To Fight Off Those Nagging Colds/Flus

Fight off those nasty infections and feel great this fall and winter season!.

Feel Less Stress, More Joy and So Much More

Get the life you desire and know you and your family deserve.

Happy Hormones = Happy You!

Reclaim the happy, hot and healthy balanced woman you know you are but haven’t seen in quite a while. She’s still there, she’s just looking for a little guidance and support…we can help with that!

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What You’ll Learn In The Program

The Happy Hormones Program is an 8 week program delivered online and via Zoom meetings in an easily digestable module format.

Here’s what each module includes:


All About Hormones

Due to declining hormonal levels, hormonal havoc hits most of us starting in our mid 30s through our 40s and up to and through menopause. Add the stress component and what many know as “adrenal fatigue” (HPA axis dysregulation) and you see why it is common to expereince fatigue, weight loss resistance, brain fog, PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, the list goes on…)

You’ll learn all about your hormones and the HPA axis dysregulation, how it impacts cortisol and our sex hormones, why it happens, what to do to fix it because you’ll have the latest in at-home hormone lab testing called DUTCH COMPLETE by Precision Labs!

Eat To Nourish And Balance

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about what is the best diet. And the truth is while there are lots of similarities, we are all a bit different based on our genetics, preferences, lifestyle and health status. Are you confused about the best way to eat to nourish for hormone balance? You’re not alone. You may be shocked to learn that a strict Paleo or Fill-In-The-Blank diet is making your hormone imbalance worse than ever!

This program will give you individualized diet recommendations plus meal plans, snack guides, and more!

Learn Which Supplements Work And Which Don't

Have you ever had a nutritionist or functional health practitioner recommend a boatload of supplements and herbal therapies, only to discover you’ve spent hundred of dollars on supplements that don’t work for you? We hate that.

You won’t find that in our program. We’ll keep things simple and recommend only the highest quality, professional-grade and personalized supplements. Ones we use with our 1:1 clients every day. Ones that work in a sustainable way.

Your Lifestyle Makeover

Changing your lifestyle can be one of the hardest things you do when you are balancing your hormones and restoring your health.

We make it super easy by helping you focus on and prioritize the critical steps necessary to reduce your stress, move/exercise in a way that supports your hormones and get that elusive sleep better you so need to revitalize and thrive.

Mindset Shifts

Many of our clients struggle with their relationship with food and body. The stress associated with what we eat and why can create stress which negatively impacts our hormone levels.

As Eating Psychology Coaches we help you form a good relationship with food and your body, and together we learn how to stop beating ourselves up over food choices and learn to nourish our bodies improving our outlook and mood on life.

Group Coaching and Online Social Support

Join the exclusive (and private) Happy Hormones Facebook group to chat with others on a journey to find balance for hormones, weight, energy and mood!

When you balance your hormones you get improvements in mind, body and spirit! And when you can share your experiences with other like-minded women and get your questions answered, you find your “thrive” faster and easier!

Can you image what it would feel like to wake up in the morning with energy to spare? When is the last time you felt that good?

The feel good energy that doesn’t come from a sugar-laden breakfast pastry or a caffeine loaded cup (or pot) of coffee. Imaging opening your eyes and having the energy that makes you want to leap out of bed and seize the day.

  • How amazing would it feel to to be able to prepare simple, healthy and delicious meals that nourish your body, give you lasting energy ago live a radiant, balanced and beautiful day?
  • How would you like to not be plagued by relentless cravings for sugar, salt and/or caffeine? It’s really hard to live a life were your food choices are constantly calling upon your will-power to walk away from the junk or just the excess.
  • How would you like to repair your metabolism and resolve your blood sugar management issues whether that is insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or full-blown type II diabetes?
  • Maybe you would like to reduce your need for or amount of blood pressure, cholesterol or depression/anxiety meds that you know are causing side effects, depleting your energy and leaving you feeling less than your best.
  • Would you like to be able to sleep soundly through the night without the hang-over effects of sleep medications?
  • How would you like to prove your doctors wrong that you can reverse your diabetes, PCOS, depression, energy, cholesterol hormones levels/symptoms, naturally?

All of these are possible!

This is your chance to look and feel ten years younger, reclaim your health and create the You of your Dreams!

It’s time for you. Time to give yourself the time, energy and investment to create the body and life you love. No more surviving Queen, it’s time to THRIVE!

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Hi There, I’m Denise Trudeau, FDN-P, CEPC

As a Functional Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach and Women’s Hormone Specialist, I specialize in helping midlife women achieve lasting weight loss, support their blood sugar and insulin levels so they can balance their hormones, weight and mood naturally. Together with my team we partner with women to reverse diabetes, blood sugar management problems, digestive distress, liver congestion (face it, almost all of us are overtaxing our livers), adrenal and thyroid deficiencies and PCOS! 

 I’ve seen too many women in the prime of their life struggling with hormone energy, weight, digestion and mood issues all unnecessarily.

When we don’t feel well, it is REALLY hard to live a life full of vitality. We find ourselves struggling through our days instead of looking and feeling amazing and doing our important life’s work and seeking all the pleasure that life has to bring. I find myself frustrated when I see women walking through life feeling, fat, frazzled and fatigued without hope. They seek answers from their dots but are generally sent home with medications that cause unwanted side effects and rarely resolve the root cause of their symptoms. They feel lost, overwhelmed and hopeless. rather than happy, hot and healthy. I want to bring back the happy, hot and healthy and while it does not happen overnight, lasting change is possible. Working with a functional medicine practitioner and/or nutritionist you can address all of your health goals and concerns at the root cause level. No more band-aids but rather a science-based natural approach to healing and vitality that includes food, lifestyle and supplementation. 

Have you tired a gazillion programs, read every book and website on diet and lifestyle and still find your best body and life elusive?

It can be overwhelming, can’t? Truthfully, it takes a TON of energy on my part to stay current on all the latest thinking and programs out there.  Let me be your guide. I have worked and studied through all the “noise” and can help you tailor the right program for you. It’s so true that every program is not right for every woman. While we are very similar in many ways, we are also very different and our bodies all respond differently to food, lifestyle and supplements. Our beliefs, attitudes, lifestyle, food preferences, food availability. Together we will take overwhelm and guesswork out of food, nutrition, lifestyle and supplementing. Working together we will create an achievable and realistic goals to address your specific imbalances and then a customized program that includes suggestions on how you think, eat, move and supplement. You’ll get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to turn back the clock and feel years younger and more vibrant. It IS YOUR TIME. Join us TODAY!

One Great Program Tailored To BOTH Peimenopausal and Menopausal Years

While there are many similarities between perimenopausal and menopausal years, there are some striking differences and that’s why this we’ve created 2 separate programs.. There is a program for women in their perienopausal years (generally 40s through early 50s, every women is different.) There’s also a program for women entering or through menopause. No matter where you are in your life cycle, you get the advice, resources, tools you need to find YOUR BALANCE.


  • Love the woman you see in the mirror
  • Feel good in your body 
  • Have energy to work, play and love in healthy style
  • No more bloated belly
  • Sleep well and awake rested and full of energy
  • Lose the symptoms of unwanted weight, digestive distress, and hormonal havoc
  • Be able to reduce or eliminate meds associated with chronic disease like cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes
  • Regain your enthusiasm and zest for life
  • Lose the stress and overwhelm and reclaim your patience for family, work and those around you
  • Find your radiant, balance beautiful again with a pep in your step