For years (decades now actually) we’ve been repeatedly told that in order to lose weight we should simply take in less calories than we burn. That with enough willpower we can control food cravings. That intense exercise is the key to success, no pain/no gain. Well, I’m here to tell you, that if these strategies truly worked (for more than just a short-term fix), then this conversation would be over and we would all be in fabulous shape, enjoying vibrant health and vitality and looking like a million bucks.

Yes, how much (and what we eat) and being physically active matter (a lot), the reality is that in a state of balance, a healthy body is a fat burning machine. When it’s out of balance, it will store fat. We’ve got to shift our beliefs about food and weight loss. The bottom line, we don’t lose weight to get healthy but rather we get healthy to lose weight. Let’s find some balance. What do you say?

Let’s start with how you manage and relate to food. 95% of women struggle with either their relationship with food or their body image. This quick eGuide will start you thinking of a new way to relate to food. You’ll start thinking of how you can be in charge instead of in control so you can nourish your body and, you got it, get healthy to lose weight!

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