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Although feeling tired, sad, and overweight may seem like three completely separate conditions that you should treat individually, they are actually quite intertwined. In fact, having any one of these “symptoms” can easily predispose you to the others, making you feel worse both mentally and physically.

Take a look at your own life. Have you experienced issues with fatigue, depression, and your weight at some point? If you answered yes to this question, then the good news is that there is a solution. First, let’s take a look at each one and how it can affect your quality of life.

About Fatigue

Do you feel as if it takes you longer to get your work done, often forcing you to go in early and stay late to accomplish the same tasks you used to do in half the time? At the end of the day, is it all you can do to drag yourself out of the office and onto the couch with no energy left to engage with your family or undertake a hobby? This, my friend, is fatigue at its finest.

Fatigue can be caused by a number of things. It could be the result of trying to do much at work or at home, or taking such good care of everyone else that you don’t have any energy left for yourself. It can also be a direct result of stress that never gets released or worry that never goes away.

In Dr. Daniel Kalish’s book, The Kalish Method: Healing the Body, Mapping the Mind, he states that every patient he saw during the course of a 12-month time period listed fatigue as one of their top health concerns. Every one! This highlights the prevalence of this condition that has the ability to make your life feel as if everything in your life is a chore—even things you used to love.

Understanding Depression

In addition to experiencing fatigue, you may feel depression on some level. Maybe you are sad about your current physical condition, or perhaps you feel as if you are hopeless when it comes to meeting your weight loss goal once and for all. No matter what is behind your depression, this only adds to your lack of energy and makes it harder to reach the goals you want to reach, further compounding the problem.

Depression can be viewed two different ways: mentally and physiologically. Mentally, your life may not be as satisfying to you as you’d like or you could be facing some challenges at work or at home which can leave you feeling down. Physiologically, if your hormones aren’t balanced or you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, that could be contributing to your sad feelings as well.

Therefore, one of the first steps necessary to dealing with depression is finding the root cause. It involves setting out to discover the reason you feel depressed in the first place so that you can create an effective plan to overcome it, gaining an “I love life!” attitude that makes you bound out of bed each morning instead of hitting the snooze and pulling the covers back up over your head.

Your Weight

Some “experts” would like you to believe that your weight issues are based solely on your food intake (the amount and types of food you eat) and your exercise habits. However, the reality is that the number you see on the scale each morning is more complex than that; especially if you are fighting with one or both of the issues of fatigue and depression as that just bogs you down even more.

If losing weight were as simple as changing your food and exercise behaviors, we would all be size 6’s and thoroughly happy about life. But it isn’t that easy. Being overweight is about how you feel about yourself, how you view your life, and what kind of limits you set on yourself.

It is also about correcting deficiencies and giving your body what it needs to thrive. It means putting yourself first and deciding that you deserve to be happy. It is realizing that you can have it all—the prominent career, the great marriage, the beautiful and healthy body, and the positive outlook on life—and you can have it right now!

A Unified Approach

When you start battling fatigue, depression, and weight at the same time is when you will begin to make some real progress toward reaching your goals. This unified approach will put your body and mind in a position where they work together to benefit you inside and out.

Certainly, we all go through rough patches at some point in our life, but if your patch is more like a year, decade, or era, then it is time to reach out for some help. You don’t have to live life dragging your feet from one obligation to the next, wondering when it will be your time to shine and when you will finally become that thin, trim, fabulous woman you know exists inside of you.

We can start by doing testing to see what your body lacks, replacing it so that you start to feel better soon. From there, we can work on creating behaviors, lifelong behaviors that will help you reach your goal instead of holding you back any longer.

Instead of accepting these things as a way of life, get and stay curious about them. Search for answers to the problems that ail you and never give up until you find them!

Our goal is to help you with this journey so that you feel the best you possibly can while helping you to reach your goals at the same time. Are you ready to make it happen? Let’s do this!

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