Achieving Your Goals – Part 1

In order to set a goal, you have to know where you’re headed but many women don’t have a clear direction. They don’t know what they’re working toward so they have no way to gauge their success or failure.

Think of it like going on a long road trip. You climb into the car and get ready to go. You may know how to drive the car but what if you have no destination or travel plan. How do you know if you arrived where you intended to be?

The simple answer is you don’t. That’s what it’s like to coast through life without goals. Goals are your travel plans. They help you chart a path from where you are right now to where you want to be. Without a plan, you’re just spinning in circles and burning valuable energy.

Setting Goals Requires Commitment

Setting a goal doesn’t matter if you aren’t willing to commit to seeing it through. It’s the equivalent of coming up with a travel plan but never getting in the car. Following through on a goal is hard and it can be scary. But if you’re not happy with your life, you’re the only one that can change it.

Are You Willing to Take Responsibility?

Most women fail at reaching their goals because they neglect to change their mindset. It’s easy to make excuses for why you aren’t achieving your goals. You may tell yourself that you don’t have the time or money to pursue your goals. You may tell yourself that you were dealt a bad hand in life and you can’t do anything to change it.

You have to be willing to set these excuses aside and take responsibility for your life. When you take the wheel of the car you take responsibility for the vehicle. You can’t make excuses because you have the lives of other people in your hands. You have your life in your hands. What you choose to do with it is your responsibility.

Know What Your Finish Line Looks Like

To meet a goal, you have to be focused on the finish line. It’s easier to binge on Netflix or hangout on Facebook than it is to work toward you goals. That’s why it’s important that you have a visual reminder of the finish line.

This finish line image can be a picture of the island where you’ll go on vacation after you’ve gotten out of debt or a collage of what your home office will look like when you finally earn enough to quit your job. Focusing on your finish line keeps you motivated and increases your chances of success.

Becoming goal focused is difficult and requires discipline. But if what you want is important to you, then you’ll find a way to reach your goals and live the life you deserve and desire.