How Relying On Conventional Medicine Is Not The Best Idea. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 82.1 percent of U.S. adults have had some form of contact with a health professional within the prior twelve months. Although that number is high, it isn’t really all that surprising since we are taught, by and large, that the only way to heal our health is to see a doctor.

But what if this advice was hurting us instead of helping us get well? Put another way, what if seeking conventional medicine puts us more in harm’s way? What follows are four examples where this is all too often the case.

Example #1 – Weight Loss Drugs

According to a 2013 Gallup poll, approximately 57 percent of American women want to lose weight. This desire to be thin sends some of them to their doctor’s office, requesting medications that will assist them with this very difficult process. (Maybe you’ve even done this yourself?)

Certainly, weight loss drugs are intended to help people lose weight in an effort to increase health. After all, when you are severely overweight, you run higher risks of certain diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

However, the reason weight loss drugs work is because they are stimulants. This means that they have the capacity of causing heart issues, as well as affecting your memory and mood since they alter your brain chemistry. That’s not to mention the fact that once you go off them, you risk putting the weight back on since you haven’t changed the behaviors that caused you to gain it in the first place.

Example #2 – Fatigue Medications

The second example is fatigue medications and, as a professional woman trying to balance work and home, you likely know fatigue all too well. It is being tired before you even get out of bed in the morning, only to make it through your day and fall exhausted in bed again that night.

Sure that something is wrong, you go to the doctor and explain how you don’t have much energy. You’re put through a series of tests, ruling out one disease or condition after another (thankfully), only to be told that it is just part of normal aging. So, you go through each day thinking this is how life is supposed to be.

If you have a doctor that wants to help, you may even be prescribed an anti-depressant in an effort to make you feel better. Even though it works to put a little pep back into your step, taken long-term, this medication has been found to subject you to anxiety and other mood-related disorders years down the road.

Example #3 – Depression Pills

The third example is depression, which is very common. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 350 million people suffer from some form of depression at any given time. Because it is so widespread, there are many medications to treat it.

While these medications may effectively deal with the sadness, they also do something else. They stop your normal brain chemicals from returning to your cells. This means that, after years of use, you end up with a chemical depletion where one never existed before.

Example #4 – Stomach Issue Prescriptions 

Finally, there are stomach issue medications, which happen to be the most taken over-the-counter drugs on the market. And, just like the previous examples, while they may work as intended, which is blocking the production of the acids in your stomach, they too have negative consequences.

Taken continuously over time, these drugs put you at a greater risk of contracting bacterial infections in your stomach and other “gut bugs.” Also, your digestive system’s ability to properly absorb nutrients will be compromised, which means that you aren’t going to the all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, even if you are consuming them in your diet.

The Solution

While these are four good examples of how conventional medicine may be hurting your health, it does no good to point this out unless there is a solution. Fortunately, one does exist. The solution to a large number of issues, such as being overweight, tired, depressed, and having stomach issues, involves getting your body what it needs so that it can work as intended.

To be clear, there are definitely times when we want to embrace conventional medicine. For traumatic injuries, major infections and life threatening illnesses, by all means. But, when it comes to long-term chronic illnesses which are causes or dramatically impacted by our food and lifestyle choices, there is a better answer. At least part of the answer. At VIMergii, we believe it’s a partnership between the medical community, integrative practitioners and clients. We all hold a piece of the solution.

From an integrative or functional nutrition perspective the solution begins with working on food and how it nourishes and supports your body, identifying any supplements you may be missing, balancing your hormones, making lifestyle tweaks (stress, sleep, movement) all to ensure that you have everything your body needs to succeed.


We can help you do that so you start to feel better almost instantly. All you have to do is let us know you’re ready. Are you ready?

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