We help smart busy women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond to achieve incredible results in naturally balancing their weight, mood, energy levels, digestion and hormones. We’re here to support you in getting back to feeling great, loving your body and living your absolute best life.


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Transform Your Health

In partnership, natural, effective scientifically-based approach (including functional lab testing), we’ll get to the root cause of your underlying health symptoms and customize a food, supplement and lifestyle program that will work for your unique needs. This is not a diet but a way of life and you can reclaim your health and look and feel great again. Healthy for Life!

Transform your life

Are your goals and aspirations aligned with who you really are? Queens often see amazing life changes during what we call our “everything years”. Are you ready to reframe your thinking and transform your life? Would you like a master coach in your corner helping you set course and clearing any obstacles to get you to your dream life quicker and easier? Happy for Life!

Denise Trudeau, FDN-P

Denise Trudeau started an executive coaching business while she was still working as an executive in the corporate world. Based on client needs and her true passion (after her own recovery from debilitating health symptoms) she returned to school to study functional nutrition/medicine focusing on hormone, weight, mood, energy and digestive imbalances. You know, the things that keep many of us from living our best lives.

Today Denise and team work with amazing midlife women around the world using their specialized signature coaching and functional testing and nutrition programs to restore health and create happy lives.

She also coaches the coaches and other functional nutritionists with analyzing functional laboratory tests, creating wellness protocols and transformational coaching.

Denise Trudeau graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics with a minor in Public Health and went on to graduate summa cum laude from Tulane University with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance and International Business.

Denise has completed advanced trained at the Kalish Institute with Dr. Dan Kalish, a leader in the field of functional medicine. She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, a certified Precision Nutrition coach and a master transformational coach with advanced training in Nutritional/Eating Psychology coaching through the Institute of Psychology of Eating.

Functional Medicine Solutions for Smart Busy Women

You can look and feel amazing. Isn’t it time you got to the root cause of your health concerns so you can finally look and feel your best? Functional nutrition and functional medicine are game changers and can get you back to happy and healthy.

Weight | Mood | Energy | Digestion | Hormones | Sobriety

Do you experience one or more of these symptoms?

 √  Weight Loss Resistance and Metabolic Challenges (Metabolic Syndrome/Diabetes)

√  Depression, Anxiety, Apathy or Foggy Thinking

√  Hormone Imbalance, PMS, Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Sleep Problems, and/or Lack of Libido (Perimenopause/Menopause) 

√  Digestive “Disturbances”, Food Sensitivities and Leaky Gut

√  Lack of Energy, Fatigue, or Pain (Adrenal Dysfunction, CFS and Fibromyalgia)

√  Binge or Problem Drinking

√  Skin Problems or Hair Loss

√  FRC (Feel Really Crummy) “Dis-ease”

These might be “common” but the are NOT “normal”. Want it to be different? Want to feel good again?

Functional medicine may be the key to your success.


why functional medicine?

If you’re like many adult women, your biggest complaints as you age likley include: being sick and tired of the weight loss/weight gain cycle (or finding it a lot harder to lose weight after 40), barely having enough energy to make it through the day with little left for the weekends, mood swings – anything from irritability, sadness, anger, moodiness, anxiety or depression, hormones that feel like they and you are out of control, and maybe you are also dealing with ongoing digestive complaints.

You’re a busy high-performing woman. Smart and successful. You should be at the peak of your life, and maybe you are with your personal life and career, yet sometimes you feel like a hot mess – just a bit more out of control than you’d like. And when you look in the mirror you aren’t entirely pleased with what you see.

If you are ready to try just  about anything to feel good again in your own skin  and you can relate to any of this, we may have just the natural and lasting solution you’ve been seeking.

Let me ask you a Question. Does This Sound Like You? 

  • You want to look amazing
  • You want to feel better, inside and out
  • You want more energy and better sleep
  • You want to lose weight and improve your digestion
  • You want to end foggy thinking and mood swings
  • You want control over your stress levels
  • You want your hormones to be balanced and your libido back
  • You want the life you dream of, the one you are meant to live!

We Can Help

Our job is to provide the science, expertise, and accountability with a whole lot of support thrown in that will get you to your goals. Together we’ll focus on understanding “what’s going on in there” through easy and affordable lab testing and then making food, supplement and lifestyle changes to resolve your symptoms and get you feeling like the Queen that you are!


Here's how we help

Functional Lab Testing

Lab testing is foundational to functional medicine. It can show you what is causing your symptoms, whether you are headed toward a disease (even if you don’t have any symptoms), track the progress of your protocol, and keep you motivated, following your protocol and moving toward your goals.

Food & Supplements

It all starts with food. Food is medicine and how you nourish your body for optimal energy, jumpstart your metabolism and restore and revive your three body systems determines in large part how healthy you are. After creating a healthy, balanced diet you’ll round out any deficiencies and restore and enhance your health with a wise and effective supplement program where necessary.


Lifestyle changes

There are lots of tiny tweaks you can make to your daily habits in order to help you live longer, and with more energy, focus, and happiness. Lifestyle changes may seem small but they can lead to huge improvements in your health and how you look and feel.

Transformational and mindset Coaching

When you want to see a revolutionary change in your life you often have to change your mindset around that area of your life. As your perspective shifts so too do your actions and then your outcomes. BUT, sometimes you need the complete opposite. You just need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. A great coach can help you walk between those two approaches to support you in reaching your goals quicker and easier.

Our Featured Programs


Regain Your Health and Happiness.

It Starts With Three Body Systems



Your hormonal system produces your sex and stress hormones. Are your hormones holding you back from reaching your weight loss goals or from feeling “normal”? Discover how to balance your hormones naturally and lose weight the healthy way. 



Your digestive system breaks down food and feeds every cell in your body. It is also the first line of defense against the outside world as well as where the majority of your immune functin resides. It’s critical for optimal health.


Your detoxification system protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, both from your environment and from your diet. Because of our toxic environment today, having a strong detox system is important in good health.

Every chronic health issue and symptom can be traced back to a problem within one or more of your three body systems. When we resolve these underlying problems we can restore weight, mood, digestion, energy and hormone balances.

Personalized functional medicine programs include a complete Kalish Method healing program including:
  • Laboratory-based assessments because we test we don’t guess
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplement programs
  • Diet and lifestyle coaching, including weight loss and hormone balancing programs

Holistic health and functional nutrition

An approach that works, naturally!

Designed With You In Mind

Our programs are designed by the women of Vimergii Wellness for today’s modern Queen. We love this time of life & making life healthy and beautiful for all of us.

Advanced Proven Science

Lab-based scientifically proven protocols. We believe in testing, not guessing. This results in the fastest, easiest and most sustainable way to health.

Powerful Support

Empowering information you can count on and do something with. We’ll help guide and support your journey so you can take ownership of your health and your life.

Listen to Nikki share her health and life transformation

Nikki Z. Of Phoenix, AZ

Signature Programs

Satisfied Customers

Functional Medicine Experts







What is FDN and Health Coaching?


FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) & health coaching help you connect the dots on how you look and feel with how you live (move, exercise, have fun, hydrate, rest, destress, detox etc), what you eat and how you supplement, and how you think about your world and what’s possible.


You’ll discover foods that help you find balance. You’ll know how to stop binges, control cravings, multiply your energy, ease digestive stress, balance your weight and enjoy your food like never before – without giving up your favorite foods like…chocolate or wine.


Who Benefits From This Work?


Women who want to feel and look sexy, discover the secret to balancing their hormones and mood naturally, make life-long weight changes or want to feel better about their health and appearance.


What Happens In A Free Discovery Call?


This special 30 minute call is a time to discuss your unique concerns with a certified FDN practitioner and master coach. You are absolutely guaranteed to walk away with at least a couple AHA’s and next steps.


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Denise Trudeau

Founder / Practitioner

Denise Trudeau earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA and her MBA at Tulane University, before hunkering down and climbing the corporate career ladder for over 20 years. As a senior executive for Global Real Estate, she led large teams remotely and in person across multiple continents, and knew only too well the unique demands placed on female corporate managers, executives, and high potential leaders as they strive to earn their seat at the table.

When conventional medicine couldn’t diagnose the root cause of the numerous health issues that plagued her daily, (and only wanted to medicate her even further), Denise turned to Functional Medicine for answers. She was immediately diagnosed with insulin sensitivity, adrenal exhaustion, hormone imbalance, and malnourishment, despite the fact that she was significantly overweight at the time.

By balancing her hormones, making deliberate lifestyle tweaks, and nourishing her body with sleep, a balanced diet and regular hydration, Denise restored her health and energy, successfully lost over a 100 pounds, and has maintained that weight loss ever since.

After spending 20 years chasing the elusive ‘American Dream’ and giving birth to her son at 41, Denise realized she no longer wanted to continue the 80 hour-a-week corporate climb, so she resigned, went back to school, and retrained as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Denise now holds certification in Professional Executive Coaching (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) & Mind-Body/Nutritional Psychology Coaching (Institute for Psychology of Eating), is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (School of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition), and qualified as both Level II and Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner (Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine).

Her background and experience enables her to work with clients providing a unique and comprehensive wellness practice, offering diagnostic testing, customized wellness programs, and transformational career and life coaching to smart, busy, successful women, where she places emphasis on educating her clients to take personal responsibility for maintaining optimal health and ultimately amazing lives.

Diana Wiggins

FDN, Master Transformational Coach & Thyroid Specialist

Women can experience anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive issues and even hair loss from stress. Some women, after being told by their doctor that their lab tests show everything is “normal”, feel even more anxious or at a loss as to what to do. If everything is “normal”, why did they walk away with prescriptions for anti-depressants or sleeping pills? Diana helps women put themselves at the center of their wellness and helps them step into the position of empowerment that they have earned. 

Her expertise is proven by her credentials as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Professional Transformational Coaching Master, Behavioral Analyst, and DISC Facilitator. 

These skills aid Diana in working with her clients based on their individiual, unique, styles and not one way fits all.

As a coach, Diana is a caring, knowledgeable advisor. She has both tremendous experience and great people skills. She has my strongest positive recommendation.” Dr. Colleen Murphy Feldman, Scottsdale, Arizona

Diana’s personal story is full of twists and turns,  she optimistically faced personal hardships, abuse, tragedy, loss, breast cancer, thyroid imbalance, panic attacks and more.  She believes these experiences help her relate to her clients in a very empathic way. 

She has continued her training in Environmental and Body detoxing, and has expanded her education in Full Body Systems that include Digestive, Immune, Urinary, Endocrine, Brain and Reproductive intensives.  Drawing on this knowledge, she will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and objectives.  Your program is based on your concerns, whether it be sleep, digestive, hormones, anxiety, weight loss, or living out your desired life.

Sondra D. Cole

Functional Nutritionist & Curriculum Designer

Sondra holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Education and creates many of the programs offered by Vimergii, The Nourished Queen and The Inspired Queen.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Sondra focuses on finding the underlying causes of chronic symptom patterns rather than treating one symptom at a time with drugs. Her goal with each client is to correct core metabolic imbalances that will resolve a host of symptoms, without side effects.

As a woman and mother, she recognizes the need for whole-body, real solutions for prevalent and extremely common issues consuming many women today including weight loss, chronic fatigue, menopausal discomfort, mood disorders, stress management, parent/teen coaching, and transformational coaching.

Sondra believes that conventional medicine offers temporary and sometimes dangerous solutions to health issues. She recognizes that real integrative medicine allows the body to heal and synchronize on its own first, before applying more invasive treatments. By allowing the body to find its own rhythm and removing biochemical barriers to healing first, often time the conventional approach is no longer warranted and if it is, the new found synchronization allows for conventional medicine to work more effectively.

Ladies, let’s get those hormones checked!

I always say…test, don’t guess. Why waste your precious time and thousands of dollars on all those programs and expensive supplements trying to solve your problem? It’s so easy to get tested and get a customized plan personalized to your specific needs. Reclaim your mojo and get your groove back today! You’ll be so glad you did.