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If you’re like many women in mid-life or what we call our everything years, your biggest complaints as you age may include: being sick and tired of the weight loss/weight gain cycle (or finding it a lot harder to lose weight after 40), barely having enough energy to make it through the day with little left for the weekends, mood swings – anything from irritability, sadness, anger, moodiness, anxiety or depression, hormones that feel like they are out of control, and maybe you are also dealing with ongoing digestive issues like irritable bowel, heartburn, gas, bloating and/or trouble going to the bathroom, either too much or too little.

You’re a busy high-performing woman. Smart and successful. You should be at the peak of your life, and maybe you are with your family and career, yet personally, you feel sometimes like a hot mess – just a bit more out out of control than usual. And when you look in the mirror and you aren’t entirely pleased with what you see.

You know that something needs to change, but you can’t quite put your finger on what, and you’d do just about anything to feel good again in your own skin.

Create the you of your dreams…

We’ve Designed Our Programs To Meet The Special Needs Of Women Over 40. The Programs are Designed By & For Women. Finally, It’s Your Turn.

Happy Hormones Program

A complete reboot for women in the perimenopausal through menopausal years.

Women's Metabolic Weight Loss

Weight loss that works. Weight loss that lasts, finally. Designed specifically for you.

Gut Health: Restore & Replenish

Digestion affects every system in the body. Are you ready to get healthy and thrive?

Detox with Denise Basic & VIP

Love  your liver programs designed for you to renew, refresh and recharge.

Elevate: Mood & Amino Acids

Combining natural amino acids and food programs to resolve depression and anxiety.

Renew You Health & Life Coaching

Life coaching for your big dreams so you can discover and live your best life.

We Get It. We Totally Get It.

You Want To...

You want to wake up clear-headed before the alarm sounds, smile instead of cringe when you catch sight of your nude body in the mirror, and know that when you throw open your closet doors that anything you choose will fit you beautifully. All day you feel completely on top of your game. You’re a motivating and inspirational leader, creating and executing elegant solutions to significant challenges, handling everything that your boss throws your way, while your mind assimilates information with effortless ease. You execute flawlessly without missing a beat.

And when night falls, you still have the energy and enthusiasm to sit around the table and enjoy a healthy meal with your family, the concentration to help your teenagers with their algebra homework, and the desire to have the kind of amazing sex you used to enjoy in your twenties and thirties. In fact, you’ll be the one that initiates it. In reality, a good day is hitting the snooze button twice, getting your kids ready for school is your cardio routine, and breakfast is coffee. Black. With two, maybe three sugars.

You feel bloated, frumpy and uncomfortable all day, squeezed into a waistband that used to fit just right, down coffee after coffee to stave off the chronic tiredness/chronic fatigue (chased with a couple antacids for the heartburn), and inevitably succumb to the sweet cravings mid-morning sending out for donuts ‘for the team’ so you don’t feel quite so bad eating them yourself. You lose your train of thought easily since that damn brain fog won’t go away, snappy with your coworkers or employees who are not as committed to accomplishing the job as you are, and berate yourself constantly for being such a witch all the time. And while you might cook on weekends, dinner is generally take-out and a bottle of wine for fifty percent of the week, you pay tutors to help with homework since you’re generally snappish and irritable with nothing mentally left to give at the end of the day, and sex (when you do feel like it) is strictly under the cover of darkness.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.

-B.K.S. Iyengar

If Any Of This Sounds Familiar, Then You Are In The Right Place

We are Functional Medicine Practitioners, Diagnostic Nutritionists and Mind-Body Psychology Coaches, specializing in Hormone Imbalance, Amino Acid Therapies for Supporting Mood and Emotional Eating/Alcohol Addictions, Weight Loss Resistance, and Stress Management. It’s a beautiful blending of mind-body balancing and healing with two components: Functional Medicine and Nutritional Psychology.

We work with the take-charge woman who is typically busy and active juggling the requirements of a demanding career or crazy-busy home life, “leaning in” in either one or both places. Finding herself busy with her work, family and personal life and frequently finds herself prioritizing everything else ahead of her own health.

However, we are not the right answer for every woman. And that is ok. It might not be for you if you believe your doctor has the “right” answer and if he/she doesn’t know about it, it’s not true. It might not be right for you if you are expecting a magic pill, still searching for the holy grail. It might not be for you if you think organic food or unprocessed whole food is too woo-woo for you. It might not be for you if you think that if you could just find the right “diet” and lose some weight, everything would be perfect. It might not be for you if you think you can restore your health and vitality overnight. It might not be for you if you aren’t willing to look for answers in unconventional places. It might not be for you if you are unwilling to invest the time, energy and resources necessary to heal. It might not be for you if you have a “CAN’T” attitude. It might not be for you if you don’t like our  style. As you can see, there are a bunch of reasons why it may not be for you.

But there are many more reasons why it might be just what you’ve been looking for. If you are ready to rebalance, restore and renew yourself and really want to MAKE THE NEXT HALF, THE BEST HALF, well than come on over! And, we promise not to be too woo-woo.

“A fit healthy body – that is the best fashion statement.”

~ Jess C Scott

The Everything Years…For Today’s Modern Woman

You’re riding high in your career and are well placed financially, your children are growing up and maybe getting ready to fly the nest, and you can finally start to reclaim a little precious time for yourself. It’s the period in your life when you feel like you can stop with the unhealthy striving to constantly prove your worth, quit the relentless quest for quick fixes and instant gratification, turn your attention inward, and finally become whole. Whether you want to drop the extra 10, 20, or 50 pounds plus that you’ve been holding onto all these years so you finally look the part at work, manage the hormonal fluctuations that often happen during this time in our life ranging from PMS, irritability and moodiness, to hot flashes and night sweats, restore your waning libido and develop the body confidence to enjoy sex again, or recover from executive burnout and find a whole new way of living, we can help. But here’s the thing…

Common Is Not Normal

Yeah, again, we get it. Please know that, yes, the symptoms you may be experiencing are quite typical. Like the inability to lose weight, pre-diabetes or insulin insensitivity, exhaustion, moodiness, anxiety, sugar and food cravings, headaches, aches and pains, thinning or losing hair, less than vibrant skin tone, PMS or menopausal symptoms, digestive distress, heartburn, irritability…the list goes on and on. No, they aren’t a normal part of aging. And yes, they are common. And you may be dealing with one or more of these issues (many of us are, and yes, you are entitled to more than one at the same time). But just because these symptoms are common does NOT make them normal. You can think of them as actually a warning or signal that something is not right and needs to be addressed before it gets worse. When you ignore or medicate away a symptom, it rarely turns out well. In fact, you’ll tend to see bigger and more difficult problems later down the line.  Things like cancer, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes… Please, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s just a normal part of aging or that it’s all in your head. It’s simply not true.

You Get Healthy To Lose Weight

You Don’t Lose Weight to Get Healthy

We all live in a modern world surrounded by toxicity; toxic thoughts, toxic stress, toxic foods, toxic substances, and sometimes even toxic relationships. When it comes to nourishing your body, modern life has become a gauntlet of fads, conflicting advice, and educated guesses about what’s supposed to be good for you this week. And when it comes to treating illness, you may find yourself popping pills to treat your symptoms, rarely addressing the root cause, and often making yourself even sicker in the process. Or, maybe you just grin and bear it or pretend it’s not happening. None of these is good and there is a better solution.

We also know that smart, high-performing women face specific challenges with hormones, mood, food, overeating, and emotional eating. At the root of everything is stress. Dietary, emotional and inflammatory/pain. But beyond the physical, on the emotional side, there are factors triggering your stress levels and overeating that the latest diet, weight loss advice, or healthy eating plan don’t even begin to address – and yet, they complicate everything:

  • Stress
  • Limited time and energy
  • Difficult relationships and emotions
  • A complicated life with challenging demands
  • Busy schedules that makes it hard to fit yourself in or really take care of yourself

First Do No Harm

At Vimergii, we believe in managing wellness from a holistic, natural perspective. Restoring balance in the least harmful ways possible. When you balance your hormones, rejuvenate and rebuild through sleep and diet, reframe your thinking about aging and health, embrace movement and activity, put pleasure and purpose back in its rightful place of importance, and release the expectations that have kept you in a pattern of unhealthy striving for so long, you can move through your life with a greater sense of poise, purpose and grace.

Every patient carries her own doctor inside” ~Albert Schweitzer

Infinite Body Wisdom

Learning to Trust Your Body Again

Diagnostic Testing, Customized Wellness Programs, and Stress & Emotional Eating Coaching

Vimergii is a comprehensive Functional Medicine practice, offering diagnostic testing, customized wellness programs, and stress and emotional eating coaching, with an emphasis on educating our client so she can take personal responsibility for sustaining her own self-care. And self-care is…so sexy!

We’re the health detectives our clients have always needed, and we show you how to be your own detective, ask your own questions, listen to your own body, and champion your own course.

But we take it a step further. Because we understand that knowing what you should do and actually doing it can be two different things. We also know that how you deal with stress and how you relate to food and your body image are often the things that keep you stuck.  And that’s where other programs miss the mark by glossing over or even skipping the matter altogether.

Together we’ll break through the overload, overwhelm and overeating and identify what’s really driving your hunger. We’ll help you create a path to feed and nourish yourself in ways that are so much more satisfying than food and create habits that are sustainable and last and that you are motivated to continue long after our work together is done. 

When you discover how to take the power away from food, the struggle dissolves. We know. Overeating, binge and emotional eating are common traps for smart, busy high-performing women. If you are smart and successful and yet still find yourself struggling with overeating or emotional eating, you don’t lack willpower. You aren’t lazy. And you most decidedly are not alone. When you learn to make peace with food, your unwanted symptoms (like weight, mood, hormonal imbalance, emotional and binge eating, and overwhelm) dissolve.

Are you sick and tired of the constant yo-yo craziness of dieting and health programs and are you ready to get on a path that really works? One that gets you out of the vicious cycle with food, hormones, weight, dieting and all the stress and heartache that that entails. You can finally find success. Peace. And joy.

Complicated lives require customized solutions – NOT more willpower or the latest and greatest diet. Tap into the wisdom of your body, transform your relationship with food, trust yourself instead of the latest diet or health fad, detox your mind and body, and restore hormonal balance to your life, so you not only look good but you feel great too.


Thanks Denise and Sondra.  I spent years trying to get healthy but was getting worse every year.  You used functional nutrition to do the detective work to identify the underlying causes of my disease instead of  just treating  my symptoms. For the first time in over a decade I feel like I’m in charge of my health and I’m loving it.

Carol T., 48

School Administrator, Gilroy, CA

Restoring Your Body’s Health

When your body isn’t balanced and healthy, it can affect you greatly, inside and out. You may find that you struggle with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress, and physical symptoms like headaches, body aches, and painful menstrual cycles and/or a difficult menopause may result solely because your body needs something more.

Fortunately, all three of these areas can be dealt with rather effectively with the right diet, exercise regimen, and, of course, by watching your stress levels. We know that healing is an inside-out job. So, Mindfulness Training in Eating and Stress Management has proven to be extremely helpful. Supplementation is often beneficial too because when you find the right balance for your hormones, optimal health for your digestive system, and low toxicity levels, that is when life can go from just okay to absolutely amazing!

Instead of dragging yourself through your day, relying on that bump of caffeine and chocolate in the afternoon just to make it through, you have an endless supply of energy. Energy that not only gets you through your work day, but enough for making after-work activities pleasurable too. You are able to concentrate and focus, allowing you to get more done in less time and your work product is higher quality, allowing you to move up the corporate ladder (and make more money) with greater ease.

Decisions become easier to make since your head is clearer and there is no need to rely on alcohol and other sedatives at night in an attempt to get a good night’s sleep. You feel balanced and in charge of every aspect of your life, constantly proving to yourself (and everyone else) that you can and will make it through anything!

Your weight is stable for the first time in your life and you don’t feel so consumed with food. You may have a struggle every now and again (we all do), but these incidents are fewer and further in between as time goes on because you know how to handle them before they handle you.

Plus, you are able to fight off the latest bug or virus going around because you have an immune system of steel. Your body is so healthy that neither disease nor illness feels comfortable there. Sound impossible? It isn’t and we can help you make this vision your reality.

How We Can Help

 “You only live once, but if you do it well, once is enough.”

~ Mae West

Together we will work to discover what exactly your body is lacking, as well as figure out how to get it balanced so that you feel better than ever! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Lab testing to determine what imbalances may exist within your body;
  • Nourishing food plans based on your own biological makeup and likes and dislikes to maximize your system’s individual efficiency and efficacy (don’t worry, we’re not talking about yet another deprivation diet that is not sustainable – in fact, it’s not a diet at all);
  • Supplement suggestions (we also maintain an online dispensary at deep discount) so that your body gets all of the nutrients it needs, and none that it doesn’t;
  • Movement and physical activity recommendations based on your current fitness and health level, future fitness goals, and interests so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle; and
  • Lifestyle tweaks so you will be looking and feeling your absolute best.
  • Mind-Body Psychology coaching to find peace with food, energize your metabolism and learn to nourish your body in a whole new way.

Essentially, together we’ll take a look at your entire system and create a program that is specific to your body and your needs. We’ll be right there with you every step of the way as you implement these positive changes, offering support when you need it, answering questions as you have them, and providing accountability to the goals that you’ve set for yourself. We’ll also constantly assess and reassess to make sure the program is working for you, making any necessary changes along the way.

Our solution involves managing stress, sleeping, staying hydrated, seeking pleasure, creating a positive perception, loving an active lifestyle, and eating intuitively, just like we were born to do. It is a total health and wellness package that is personalized to your body and your struggles, which means that you will learn what you need to know for your individual success!

Most of our clients feel 10 years younger within 3 to 6 months, having vitality and energy like they’ve never experienced before. In fact, that is how we got our name, Vimergii, which stands for vitality and energy — two things that we want to help you experience starting today!

It’s time to revitalize and reclaim the vibrant and energetic life you crave.

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To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life. -William Londen

What do you say? Are you ready to live a longer, healthier life full of energy and excitement? A life in which you are successful at work and at home, able to handle whatever comes your way, take care of all of your obligations, and still have fun too? A life that doesn’t require restriction and deprivation, but focuses on adding the right things to your system instead. Join us and hundreds of other women taking positive and effective action to live a life of joy, creativity, and vibrant energy.

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